Practice what you preach. We strive for a bottom-up approach where young people are in charge of their own agenda. A powerful group of young people from around the globe, with different backgrounds have assembled to part of the Global Youth Taskforce.

The Taskforce derive partly from the strong YOURS network of youth leaders for road safety and partly from other youth networks such as the UN Youth System and other relevant youth-led NGOs (such as Restless Development, Kenya Red Cross, IFMSA etc.). These young leaders were selected through a competitive recruitment process.

The Global Youth Taskforce is in charge of leading the content and promotion of the Assembly. They will be the face of the Assembly and work on all the tasks on the right.

If you would like to get in touch with them, email

  • Promoting the Assembly

    and reach out to governments, youth delegates and other stakeholders interested in supporting the Assembly or being involved;

  • Consulting youth from around the world

    and draft a powerful youth statement that will be the basis of the Stockholm (Sweden) World Youth Declaration for Road Safety;

  • Designing the programme

    including the people invited to speak, its sessions, the agenda and content development;

  • Creative inputs into the event

    integrating new approaches, stunts, rallies, alternative expressions such as art, music, workshops, among others;

  • Developing a road map

    as to what youth delegates are tasked to do after the Assembly and beyond for concrete action.



Alex is a passionate young leader who has been working road safety for some years. Hecurrently works for the Kenya Red Cross as the National Youth Officer.



A perfectionist that cares a lot about the environment, her country and the people around her. A graduating Sociologist who hopes to make a change where she can.

Jacob Smith1.jpg


A survivor of a horrific road crash. Since then, he has been a vocal global advocate for road safety. He currently works for the National Safety Council.

Joannie Bewa.png


A multi-award winning physician from the Benin Republic, a globally known advocate for the SDG’s, focussing on health, education and gender equality.


Maolin Macatangay- PHilippines

A road safety advocate who believes in using communication and new media technology to further efforts geared toward road safety. She uses her training as a writer, layout artist, and social media manager in promoting road safety and road safety education.  


Helena SjöberG - Sweden

A student of urban planning who focused on traffic safety by chance, and was immediately enamoured by the philosophy of Vision Zero in Sweden. She currently works at the Swedish Transport Administration, focusing on vulnerable road users.

Thiago Picture .jpg


10 years of experience working and volunteering in the life-saving Vida Urgente program, and now serves the Thiago de Moraes Gonzaga Foundation as its International Relations and Youth representative. He is also a filmmaker with a degree in this field.


Esteban Paredes - Ecuador

A passionate advocate for life and road safety. The Global Network Coordinator of Fundación Cavat, developing programs aimed to improve and save lives of children and youth in his country. He believes that art and culture are driving forces to a positive change.


Soumita Chakraborty - INDIA 

A dynamic development professional with a diverse background and experience on crosscutting issues like climate change, urban planning, disaster management, water and sanitation, livelihoods and gender. She is currently working with Restless Development India hub.


Omnia El Omrani - Global

A striving medical student from the IFMSA with an irrevocable passion for global health and youth empowerment, representing the stance of 1.3 million medical students with an aspiration to fight for the lives and health of our future generation affected most by road traffic injuries.


Oliva Nalwadda - UGANDA

A public heath practitioner with over 6 years’ experience in design and implementation of youth centered programs in areas of reproductive and mental health, climate change, economic empowerment and advocacy.



Meet the organizations, networks and foundations that are powering the 2nd World Youth Assembly for Road Safety and its associated activities. All of these organizations believe in the power of young people to make change for safer mobility.